Decisions made by the Press Ombudsman are accessible on the Press Ombudsman’s part of the website, here.  This section deals with complaints that were referred to the Press Council directly by the Press Ombudsman, and appeals to the Press Council against decisions of the Press Ombudsman


Complainants and publications are entitled to appeal to the Press Council of Ireland if they are dissatisfied with a decision of the Press Ombudsman in relation to complaints in which they are involved that have been the subject of a formal decision.

All appeals must be in writing and must reach the Chairman of the Press Council within ten working days of the date of the decision by the Press Ombudsman.

All appeal will be considered by the Press Council. They will be considered under one or more of the following grounds:

• that there has been an error in procedure;

• that significant new information is available that could not have been or was not made available to the Press Ombudsman before he made his decision;

• that there has been an error in the Press Ombudsman’s application of the Principles of the Code of Practice.

Appellants should clarify which of these grounds are relevant to their appeal and should provide appropriate evidence and arguments to support the appeal.

Appellants should bear in mind that mere disagreement with the decision of the Press Ombudsman is not a sufficient ground for appeal.

The Press Council makes its decisions on the basis of all of the documentation relating to the complaint, and there is normally no further communication with either side. The Press Council, however, reserves the right to forward details of any significant new information furnished by an appellant to the other party involved, should it regard this as necessary and appropriate, and to consider any response by the other party to such new information, as part of the appeal process.

The Press Ombudsman has no role in relation to the administration, management, timing or hearing of appeals against his decisions. He is not entitled to make any submissions to the Press Council in relation to any such appeals, and does not attend or participate in any discussions or decisions on appeals.

All information in relation to a complaint must remain confidential until all aspects of the complaints and appeals process are completed.

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